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Introduced in 1998 by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), the Ghana Club 100 features an annual collation of 100 outstanding companies in the Ghanaian business landscape.  With excellence as a hallmark, the Ghana club 100 aims to celebrate and recognize companies making remarkable strides in their various business sectors.

Over the past decades, the Ghana Club 100 has not only been a mark of prestige but served as a stimulus for corporate excellence among private sector enterprises.

Its attributed benefits include high level engagements with government authorities as well as the International business community and an elevation of the status of affiliated business entities due to third-party endorsement by the GIPC.

To be a member of the GC 100, a company can voluntarily apply after having first assessed itself to ensure it meets the basic requirement of good business ethics and a positive turnover. The selection further goes through rigorous assessment by an independent audit firm to ensure an impartial and integrous selection.

What is our aim?

To promote good corporate governance among Ghanaian businesses

Develop a transparent and fluid communication system inside the Ghanaian corporate sector

Spur positive economic outcomes among corporate entities

To harmonize and streamline standards for assessing corporate performance

To have an annual economic overview of the Ghanaian corporate sector


Aspiring to be a member of the Ghana Club 100? Here’s what you should know

It is a must that all Interested entities are limited liability companies.

Unless listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, government ownership in companies with State interest must be less than 50 percent.

Interested companies must have demonstrated outstanding results in growth and profitability in the past three years.

Click here for our ranking criteria.