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With over 5,000 customers, Wear Ghana Ltd. started in 2013 to celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs, and provide opportunities for women in fashion.

Ghana is recognized by many as the ideal investment destination for growing a business in Africa, since it provides a favorable environment for firms in diverse sectors to thrive.

Founded in Ghana and headquartered in China, Keda Ghana Ceramics Ltd produces high-quality ceramic tiles and other ceramic products such as sanitary ceramics.

A random bead making class in the U.S. eventually led to the birth of KUA (Keeping Us Authentic) designs by Ruby Buah, after she discovered her passion for fashion.

America Rejuvenation Clinic is a specialist male clinic that was officially founded in February 2021 after the #YearOfReturn initiative that connected the diaspora community to Ghana.

This is a part of concerted efforts to highlight the valuable opportunities within the Ghanaian Cocoa industry and lead conversation on policy measures essential for the growth of the sector.


Introducing our new Aftercare Division which will provide post-establishment facilitation services to ensure lasting relationships with all who seek to #InvestGhana

Giving you insight to the GIPC’s Research division which provides essential information and ideas to support the Centre’s strategic decision making process.

To attract investment into Ghana, activities of the GIPC requires financial commitment, beneficial to the investor and to the nation.

Delving deeper into the activities of the Division tasked with facilitating the investment process for all persons seeking to do business in Ghana. 

Giving you some insight, here is George Asafo-Agyei, Head of the Division charged with monitoring all investments registered under the Centre

As Ghana’s lead agency for the negotiation of bilateral investment treaties, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s Legal team is also responsible for providing investment related advisory to the Centre and oversees the registration and monitoring of all technology transfer agreements in Ghana.


he Ghana Investment Promotion Centre is mandated under section 3 of the GIPC Act 865, to encourage investment into Ghana’s economy. The Centre does this through Bilateral Investment Treaties, and Ghana has currently concluded about 21 of them.

The investment process in Ghana has been simplified, making it easier for investors to establish a business in the country.

Ghana’s legal system is time-tested, with roots in the British Common Law tradition.

Do you want to know which business can register with the GIPC and enjoy the numerous benefits?

GIPC provides a variety of services to the investing public, including advisory, business matchmaking and aftercare services.

A country’s living conditions can significantly impact business performance and is a major factor investors considor. 


An overview of the unique and rich resources of the nation

From political stability to abundant resources and global access, Ghana offers one of Africa’s most economically stable environments for investment.

Ghana offers a variety of exciting options for ecotourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Many attest that Ghana is a peaceful and welcoming country for people, investors, and businesses from all over the world.

Ghana’s agro-industry prospects are steadily improving, thanks to its wealth of natural resources that include a wide range of plant, animal, and marine life.

Ghana’s tech space is rapidly expanding, creating a plethora of investment opportunities across multiple sectors such as finance, healthcare, agriculture and education.