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About GIPC

CEO's Message

As the CEO of the GIPC, I am proud to lead an organization that is committed to facilitating and promoting investments in Ghana.

At the GIPC, our vision is to be a one-stop-shop for all the information you need about investing in Ghana. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make informed investment decisions and succeed in Ghana.

Ghana is a country with a stable political environment, strong economic growth, and a dynamic business environment. Our strategic location, access to markets, and abundant natural resources makes our nation an attractive destination for investment. The country offers tremendous opportunities for investors across various sectors, and we at the GIPC are committed to providing you with the support you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

Partnerships, we believe are key to achieving our objectives. As such, we are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with investors, both domestic and foreign, to drive sustainable economic growth in Ghana.

We believe that Ghana’s potential is limitless , and we invite you to join us in discovering the many investment opportunities that Ghana has to offer.

Our Achievements

Who We Are

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is the primary agency responsible for attracting and promoting investment in Ghana under the Office of the President. Enshrined by the GIPC Act 2013 (Act 865), the Centre’s mandate is to encourage and facilitate valuable investments that drive economic growth, unlock opportunities, and create employment.

Its experienced team of professionals provides valuable insights and guidance, helping investors navigate the local market with ease. As the first point of contact for foreign investors, the GIPC has built a reputation as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to establish themselves in Ghana.

By leveraging its expertise, resources, and strategic partnerships, the GIPC has positioned Ghana as an attractive investment destination in West Africa, offering investors a stable political environment, a favorable business climate, and a thriving market economy

Our Vision

At the GIPC, we are passionate about positioning Ghana as the top investment destination in Africa. Our vision is
to provide investors with a seamless, one-stop-shop experience that delivers high-value services and generates
long-term growth opportunities


As the investment promotion agency in Ghana, our mandate is to ensure that Ghana
remains a top destination for investment, and that your investments are safe and profitable in
a constantly evolving economic landscape. To achieve this, we undertake a range of strategic

What We Do

As the primary point of contact for foreign investors, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
offers a variety of services to assist global companies in realizing investment opportunities in
Ghana. Our goal is to provide real support to help investors navigate the investment landscape in Ghana with ease and maximize their potential for success.

At the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, we promote and highlight the numerous investment opportunities available in Ghana. Our goal is to help investors discover and take advantage of the diverse range of sectors and industries that Ghana has to offer.

Investment identification & Promotion:

  • Conducting market research and analysis to identify sectors and industries with high potential for investment.
  • Participating in international & local trade fairs, exhibitions, and conferences to showcase investment opportunities and attract foreign investors.
  • Developing and implementing investment promotion programs, policies, and incentives to attract investors and encourage investments in priority sectors.
  • Disseminating information about investment opportunities through publications, reports, and online platforms.

We strive to create an appealing investment framework that is characterized by transparency, predictability, and profitability. Our goal is to provide investors with a conducive environment that fosters success and growth.

Investment Facilitation:

  • Enable communication between investors and government ministries, departments, agencies, institutional lenders, and other relevant authorities involved in investment.
  • Providing investors with up-to-date information on the incentives available to them.
  • Offering support services to both new and existing investors, including assistance with obtaining necessary permits.
  • Encouraging networking and business opportunities between local and foreign investors.
  • Compiling, analyzing, and disseminating relevant information about investment opportunities, capital sources, and the overall investment climate upon request.

We are committed to representing the interests of investors by advocating for their concerns to be considered during policy making and reviews. Our aim is to promote a collaborative approach to decision-making that ultimately benefits both investors and the Ghanaian economy.

Advocacy and inclusivity:

  • Holding consultations with government officials, industry experts, and other key decision-makers to ensure that the interests of investors are represented.
  • Providing opportunities for up-close interactions between the business community investors and government through round table discussions and private meetings
  • Educate investors on policy developments and changes that may affect their businesses and provides them with the necessary support and guidance to navigate these changes effectively.
  • The GIPC maintains an open-door policy for investors who have concerns or feedback on policies, and works to address these concerns promptly

At the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of aftercare services to investors, helping them to achieve their business goals and thrive in the Ghanaian business environment.

Post establishment services:

  • Assisting investors navigate the regulatory landscape in Ghana and overcome any compliance challenges that may arise.
  • Aiding investors to minimise operational issues that may hinder their business growth.
  • Liaising between government and investors to guide investor-friendly policy formulation.

Contact Us

Contact the Aftercare team at for assistance and additional information,

or call us on:              +233 (0)59 382 3905

                                    +233(0)30 298 2944

                                    +233(0)50 956 2624