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At the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of aftercare services to investors, helping them to achieve their business goals and thrive in the Ghanaian business environment.

Post establishment services:

  • Assisting investors navigate the regulatory landscape in Ghana and overcome any compliance challenges that may arise.
  • Aiding investors to minimise operational issues that may hinder their business growth.
  • Liaising between government and investors to guide investor-friendly policy formulation.

Contact Us

Contact the Aftercare team at for assistance and additional information,

or call us on:              +233 (0)59 382 3905

                                    +233(0)30 298 2944

                                    +233(0)50 956 2624

If you are an investor with a presence in Ghana, the Aftercare team is here to help facilitate resolutions to issues/challenges you may be facing in the operation of your business in Ghana.
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