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Ghana’s shea industry: a profitable investment space you may be overlooking

Certainly, there’s an understandably strong leaning towards cash crops like cocoa, coffee, cotton, and tea… but have you ever considered shea? If not, then the story of Skin Gourmet, a shea business that began in Ghana with only $45, but raked in $600,000 in a few years, should give you something to ponder about.


The case for the shea industry has grown stronger recently regarding market accessibility and profitability, making it an enticing investment option. Its products, particularly shea butter, have become popular among global consumers due to the growing interest in natural and organic products. The shea butter market size surpassed USD 2bn in 2022 and is anticipated to reach USD 4bn by 2032, driven by the increasing consumption of confectionary and bakery items in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific (Global Market Insights).


Besides its well-known shea butter products, the shea crop has many other uses that investors can explore. It can be used in food preparation, frequently as a soup thickener or a condiment; as a foundation for soap production; in the creation of candles, and the production of hair care products and medications.


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