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GIPC Registration

Completing GIPC's Registration Form

Download GIPC’s Registration Form. Complete it and attach the following;

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Copy of Company’s constitution 
  • Beneficial Ownership Document from the Registrar of Companies 
  • Form 3 from the Registrar of Companies  
  • Change Profile document from the Registrar of Companies (if any changes have been made)  
  • Articles/Memorandum of Association (in the case of Liaison companies or subsidiaries) 
  • Power of Attorney (in the case of Liaison companies) 
  • Deed of transfer or shareholder’s agreement filed at the Office of the Registrar of Companies (in situations where some shares have been transferred) 
  • Companies already in operation need to provide- TAX Clearance Certificate, Pay As You Earn (PAYE List and Receipts), SSNIT (List and Receipts) and
  • Audited Accounts/Financial Statements
  • A valid National ID of the person or agent submitting the application

* The completed GIPC registration forms and all supporting documents must be scanned and submitted to the email address below;

Issuance of Registration Certificate

After the application is in good order and payments have been made (view fee structure), then Registration Certification is issued by the Centre as the final step in the Registration Process. This procedure takes five (5) statutory working days to complete.