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Our mission is to retain investors, promote, and facilitate reinvestment, thus, generating new investment in a cost-effective manner.

Our Objectives & Core Activities:

  • Identify and streamline barriers to enhance operations and reinvestment
  • Promote Value-added Services
  • Local supplier enhancement and linkages to investor value chain


Our goals and future developments:

  • Aftercare Manual for Investors
  • B2B Matchmaking Platform
  • Customer Relation Management System

The Aftercare Service is a critical function of the Centre, aimed at ensuring the continued integration of investors in Ghana’s business climate. It entails periodic monitoring and active engagements with existing investors to support their expansion and strengthen links between foreign businesses and locals.

Ultimately the Centre through aftercare offers:

  • Extensive investment advisory services.
  • Assistance in overcoming compliance and regulatory issues.
  • Mediation between government and investors to guide investor-friendly policy formulation.
  • Guidance and support in navigating day-to-day- business difficulties.


Contact the Aftercare team at for assistance and additional information,

or call us on:              +233 (0)59 382 3905

                                    +233(0)30 298 2944

                                    +233(0)50 956 2624