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Request for expression of interest & Terms of reference for GIPC’s SOPs

The Government is implementing strategic initiatives to accelerate firm growth, competitiveness, and diversification away from the commodities sector. The initiatives are anticipated to help decrease macro-volatility, improve employment opportunities, and raise income. The Ghana Economic Transformation Project (GETP) is one of such initiative.


The World Bank has been providing funding support to the Government of Ghana (GOG) to implement the Ghana Economic Transformation Project (GETP) since 2019. The overall development objective of the project is to promote private investments and firm growth in non resource-based sectors.

The project is guided by the principle “to promote and strengthen a growth model conducive to economic transformation, to achieve higher rates of investment and productivity growth across the economy, especially in non-resource-based sectors.” The project
operates under four (4) main components, namely: Enabling investments (component 1), Crowding-in investments (Component 2), Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) growth (Component 3), and Project Management and Evaluation (Component 4).


To achieve the Project’s Development Objectives (PDOs), the GETP coordinates and collaborates with 11 Technical Implementing Agencies (TIAs). Among these TIAs is the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).
The GIPC is a government agency mandated under the GIPC Act, 2013 (Act 865) to encourage and promote investments in Ghana, to provide for the creation of an attractive incentive framework and a transparent, predictable, and facilitating environment for foreign companies establishing themselves in Ghana, as well as local businesses exploring new opportunities in the country.



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