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Ghana is at the forefront of Africa’s efforts to attract foreign investment. R. Yofi Grant, CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, shares what he has learned from connecting international investors with the country’s most exciting opportunities.

Governance Matters: The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) recently won several industry awards in recognition of its work. What makes the GIPC stand out from other investment promotion agencies around the world?

R. Yofi Grant:  The GIPC pursues a highly proactive and targeted investment promotion strategy with the aim of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This strategy includes various activities such as organizing investment roadshows, participating in international conferences and exhibitions, and facilitating business matchmaking events. By engaging with potential investors, the GIPC effectively showcases investment opportunities in Ghana and helps to form partnerships between investors and local businesses.

We view the investment process as a lasting relationship rather than a one-off event. That is why we place considerable importance on supporting investors and providing aftercare services. The GIPC also has a dedicated aftercare unit that provides continuous assistance to investors throughout their journey.

We have introduced digitalization to streamline our registration process, which has simplified and expedited this step for investors. Furthermore, we make sure that our social media platforms, website, and other digital marketing tools are coherently promoting Ghana as an investment destination. Through these digital channels, we can share valuable information regarding investing in Ghana, enhance engagement with investors, and improve communication with the public.

The GIPC comes directly under the Office of the President of Ghana. How does this impact the way the GIPC carries out its work?

Having direct access to the Presidency is a significant advantage because it provides greater political support and influence, which helps expedite decision-making. It also enables the GIPC to engage in high-level discussions, present investment proposals, and offer input on policies and regulations relating to investment promotion and facilitation directly to the President and other influential decision-makers within the Government. Moreover, being directly under the Presidency ensures the GIPC aligns its activities with the Government’s broader development and economic priorities. This in turn ensures that our investment promotion efforts are always in harmony with the national agenda, thus ensuring a coordinated approach.

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