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Housing Opportunities Intro

The Ghanaian coastal stretch experiences extensive beach erosion, mainly due to the
impact of wave action. Currently, the Mensah Guinea, Ningo-Prampram, Cape Coast,
Shama, Dixcove and Anomabu coastal stretches are experiencing extensive beach
erosion posing major threats to life and livelihood; as well as buildings, salt pans, fish
landing sites and other infrastructure sited in these areas.
Governments over the years have been making investments in coastal protection in
order to manage shoreline recession. Projects have been implemented at Keta, Ada,
Atorkor-Dzita, Sakumono, Dansoman, Elmina, Takoradi, Axim, Dixcove, Adjoa and
Aboadze to manage shoreline.
The proposed, Mensah Guinea, Apam, Kokrobite, Bortianor, Maritime University, Nungua,
Takoradi, Anyanui, Essipong, Ningo-Prampram and Anomabu Coastal Protection Projects
are interventions meant to mitigate coastline recession and consequent losses.
Each of the projects is estimated to cost about US$150 million.
The successful implementation of these projects will serve to manage shoreline
protection for the protection of lives, existing and future physical and social
infrastructural development; reclamation of land; development of fish landing sites and
beaches; promotion of tourism; and enhancement of sanitary conditions. Also, investors
will be encouraged to invest in infrastructure as a result of the reclamation of land.